Architecture In 1930

There is no such thing as a doubt that a glass desk is a stylish furniture piece to have in any office or dwelling. After my Aunt Greet passed away in 2005, I had to clear out her home and I was amazed to find so many things that she had stored by means of the years. The house was build in 1930 and embellished with1930 type furnishings (Art Deco and Amsterdam College) and it had by no means been modified since then. The wooden platforms are splendidly solid with a beautiful finish. I managed to chip one when reassembling …

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Decor 101 : Traditional Home Decor

Indian traditional home décor projects our beautiful composite culture, which is an amalgamation of different elements. In a country so diverse, you’ll have a unique décor state in every state. The best part is that traditional influences add richness to the homes, enhancing the overall beauty of the space while keeping close to their roots. Listed below are the most exquisite traditional décor styles that are worth considering in every aspect.

Add Carved Stone and Wood Elements for a Rustic Feel

Stone or wood carved artefacts are perfect for adding value to a house. Smaller pieces are ideal for decorating

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Everything You Need to Know about Wardrobe Material Finishes

You’ve decided where your wardrobe should be placed, and what all goes inside; so the functionality is taken care of. Now it’s time to think about aesthetics and what goes outside! There are so many materials, styles and finishes available that we forgive you if you’re feeling confused. Here’s your comprehensive guide to wardrobe finishes; read on to know more!


If you love the natural warmth of solid wood but not its prohibitive cost, then the veneer is for you. Veneer sheets are made out of ultra-thin slices of natural wood that are glued to a panel of MDF

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How to Get a Personal Loan without Salary Slip » Residence Style

A personal loan is an unsecured loan, that is, one that does not require a collateral asset. It is granted by a bank or other such financial company and is a perfect way by which an Individual can cover certain unforeseen or planned expenses, from paying fees, to buying a vehicle or clearing one’s credit card debt. While the eligibility criteria can differ from one institution to another there are a few standard factors that are kept in mind, such as age, occupation, income and ability to repay the loan. There are a number of documents required while applying for

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5 Trendy Products To Update Your Home

Whether you just moved into a new home or you’re in a place you’ve called your own for a while, it’s always special when you infuse the space with your own personality and some trendy touches. Not only do these unique touches make your home feel more inviting and warm, but they carry your style. 

Having your own home is great, however hand-picking the right products for the décor is most often the thing that will give you that sense of accomplishment. 

Here are some eye catching  trendy products:

Source: GalaxyLamps

There’s no better way to add instant charm into

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How to Pick the Right Colour for Your Home Interiors

Everybody has a dream of a picture-perfect house to live in. The entire hustle-bustle in your professional life, the busy schedules, and the overtime at work is directed towards being able to afford an abode and to decorate it with love. Your home should reflect your personality, and the interior colour palette, which is inclusive of your walls as well as furniture says a lot about your taste.

A brand new house has high energy, and the homeowners too have the excitement to curate every corner with a lot of thought, passion, and perfection. Colour can change the way your

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