5 Tips to Choose the Safest Space Heater

Electric space heater blowing warm air into stylish modern living room
Supplementing heating with a space heater is a good idea — just be safe about it. (©New Africa, Adobe Stock Photos)

When shopping for an electric, gas or kerosene space heater, remember, not all of these appliances are created equal. Here are tips to choose the safest space heater.

In addition, at the bottom, check out our guidelines on how to properly operate a space heater to prevent fire hazards.

Choosing the Safest Space Heater

When you’re at the home center, keep these pointers in mind before selecting a space heater.

1. Make sure it’s been tested. Choose a space heater that has been tested and certified by an independent laboratory such as UL, ETL or CSA. You probably won’t find many appliances not vetted by one of these labs, but always check the box to be sure.

Space heater
Only choose a space heater with a guard that separates you from the heating element. (DepositPhotos)

2. Look for its guard. Make sure the space heater you buy has a guard in front of the heating element or flame. This used to be a real problem with older space heaters, but for the most part, you shouldn’t see newer appliances without guards.

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