Cotton Home Furnishing Ideas for Gandhi Jayanti

Cotton is the king of the textile industry. There is a wide variety of cotton available in the market today. Indians prefer to choose cotton clothes rather than any other material. Mahatma Gandhi led a movement for hand-spun cotton in India, and we still use khadi or hand-spun cotton in our houses.

Cotton has become the first choice of all the other fabrics. So this Gandhi Jayanti let us give our home furnishing a touch of cotton too. Here are few cotton home furnishing ideas for you. Cotton is the most widely used fabric not only in India but in

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How to Create a Cafe-Style Kitchen

Ever sipped a cuppa in a coffee shop and wished you had a similar vibe in your home? Why not create a café-style kitchen right in your abode?

We’ve drawn inspiration from the best cafes in the world to give you the coolest tips to recreate those retro, feel-good café vibes in your kitchen. Sit back, take notes, and get designing!

A Coffee “Counter”

An open kitchen with a half-wall would be your ideal space for a café-style nook, a coffee or drinks counter. You can install a wooden or granite countertop on the half-wall. Or get a ledge

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7 Ways To Get Rid Of Bathroom odours » Residence Style

Bathroom is the place where and whenever someone want to use it, the every first thing to be noticed while entering into the bathroom or toilet is the cleanliness and then odour. It feels very embarrassing and disgusting when a guest or visitor entered into the bathroom and experienced the pungent bad smell which creates a very bad negative image or impression towards that guests.

Sometimes frequently washing the bathrooms and toilets never works effectively to get rid of bad bathroom odours. Here this article reveals the effective tips to vanish the noxious smell from your bathrooms. After working out

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Vegetarian Zuppa Toscana Recipe

On the planet of furnishings manufacturing, there are companies that specialize in indoor furniture, outdoor furnishings and between the two there is a limited quantity of crossover. Wicker furnishings is mostly common for outdoor furnishings. It’s constituted of interlaced slender branches and has distinct characteristics. It is light, robust and woven like function which makes it more appealing. Wicker furnishings can improve any outdoor area with enjoyable mood and tropical aura. It can be made out of rattan, bamboo or plastics. Rattan is extra preferred because it brings out natural beauty with its natural finish. It is usually believe to …

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Top 10 Window Seating Designs for Your Home

Are you looking for the perfect and aesthetic window seating designs for your home? Window seats are usually carved out of the remaining space. Most of the time, their purpose is to get sunlight and see the outside world. These also provide extra storage as some have cabinets/drawers underneath.

Designing window seats seems like a challenge, and if they do not work out as you wish, it can be quite frustrating. If you don’t know what to do with them, they exist just to provide additional space to keep your items. Add some colours and accentuate your room. Are you

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