How to Keep Your Home Safe This Winter » Residence Style

Winter is fast approaching, and you should be carefully looking at what preparations you can do to ensure that your home remains safe for everyone in your family. Here are some tips:

Prepare Your Pipes for Winter

During winter, your exterior pipes can freeze and break due to water outside. You can prevent this from happening by detaching all your garden hoses and draining the remaining water in exterior spigots and your sprinkler system. You may also consider leaving your exterior faucets dripping if temperatures begin dropping at night to avoid pressure buildup that causes pipes to burst. Prepare your pipes for winter by insulating them properly by using foam, heating cables, or pipe sleeves to make sure you seal any cracks and make your lines stay warm.

Check Your Roofing System

Your roofing system will be your first defense against the cold season. You should check your roof for any problems before the winter season. You will have enough time to make the repairs, buy the materials, and re-inspect your roof to prevent massive snow issues. Find out if there are loose, missing, or damaged shingles, which may cause leaks when the snow melts. Your chimneys and vent stacks

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eight Tips For People Who Love Round Sofas

To have a greater bed room décor, you should have an outline of precisely what the bed room design will entail. Backyard design is the process of creating plans for the structure and planting of gardens and landscapes. Gardens could also be designed by backyard house owners themselves, or by professionals. Skilled backyard designers tend to be trained in rules of design and horticulture, and have a data and experience of utilizing vegetation. Some professional garden designers are additionally panorama architects , a extra formal level of coaching that usually requires a complicated diploma and often a state license.

If you happen to’ve invested in wood, steel or wrought iron patio furnishings, you most likely don’t have to fret about staying in form enough to do the 50 yard dash after an errant chair. But when you’ve got lighter pieces, corresponding to aluminum or plastic, you should discover some strategy to keep them anchored in your yard, especially whenever you’re not there to observe over them. I would love to develop my very own herb backyard. I just started planting immediately in my new open space out again. I wanted to do sunflowers, however the heat is an excessive amount …

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Staircase Designs that Combine Beauty with Functionality

From the purely functional aspect, a staircase connects different floors in your home. But that’s not all it does. When given the importance it deserves, a staircase can transform the mundane to the extraordinary and can take pride of place in your home décor. Staircases are a designer’s delight as they can elevate the aesthetics of your home, literally to another level! If you’re looking out for some gorgeous staircase designs, take a look at our collection that encompasses a gamut of styles and trends!

Graphic Strokes

Stark and unadorned, this steel-framed staircase is set against a backdrop of lush, verdant greenery. The open, airy staircase has simple and sleek treads that are sheathed in natural wood, continuing the design vocabulary that runs through the home décor.

Amp Up the Warmth

Never forget the space under the stairs! The landscaped stairwell adds a lovely warmth to this simple wood-encased staircase. A shallow pool lined with pebbles is interspersed with palms, delineated from the stairs by a clear glass curtain wall. The pretty lighting adds a touch of drama.

Double Duty

Short on space? This creative staircase does double duty as a bookshelf!  Space that would otherwise have been wasted is

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How to Create Paver Columns for Outdoor Lighting

Cafe lights, seen over a patio umbrella near a home with vinyl siding
Overhead lighting, such as these cafe lights, adds instant ambiance and charm to any patio. 

Nothing gives a patio ambiance like the right kind of outdoor lighting. Café, or string, lights, are affordable, attractive and transform any outdoor living space into a festive atmosphere.

Installing café lights is easy. You can use a guide wire with S-hooks or temporary ties; drape them around tree branches, balcony rails, arbors and pergolas; or build posts for uncovered areas.

We’ve created a beautiful paver patio that desperately needs overhead lights, but there’s absolutely no place to hang them. So, we’re going with that third option to tackle this project.

Paver columns will serve as an attractive gateway to the patio, and each column will support a metal post for mounting café lights.

Closeup of a paver patio with a paver fire pit in the corner
This patio is loaded with amenities — it just needs lights to add a festive evening atmosphere. 

You’ll Need

  • Metal Pipes (4)
  • Pavestone RumbleStone Pavers
  • Quikrete Fast-Setting Concrete Mix
  • Construction Adhesive
  • LED Café Lights
  • Drill

Men install pavers for the base of a light post on a paver patio
Creating a void at the center of this paver arrangement, and pouring concrete mix in it, will provide a strong foundation for our metal posts. 

Creating the Paver Columns

We’ve strategically laid out the patio columns

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The Perfect Waterproof Storage Box, Indoors or Out

Husky's Professional-Duty Waterproof Storage Container, as pictured on a wood table in a workshop.

Having a storage bin is probably nothing new for most homeowners, but not all storage bins are equal in quality, and a waterproof storage box sure comes in handy.

The Professional-Duty Waterproof Storage Container from Husky is a great solution for your storage needs inside and out.

First, this storage container has a six-point latching lid and interior gasket, which protects the contents from dust and water. This provides peace of mind whether you’re storing tools on the back porch or in the bed of a truck.

In addition, this waterproof storage box’s high-impact-resistant polycarbonate lid allows you to see exactly what’s inside. So, you can choose the right container, at a glance, when you’re working quickly in your workshop or shed.

What’s even better is the lid is versatile — you can hinge it from either side or remove it completely.

If you’re transporting tools in your truck, holding them down is a big issue for other storage containers.

So is securing valuable tools inside a shed, and Husky has covered those bases as well. Tie-down holes let you secure the container with straps or locks.

Best of all, you can store plenty of heavy-duty professional equipment in this

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