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We know you have been procrastinating the whole process of renovation for the longest time. Although your home-office is in dire need of it, you are worried about the amount of stress and time it involves. However, with the right amount of creative ideas, you can transform your home office in a matter of a few days. There are always some elements you can change, which can give your home-office a total makeover. One of those significant elements is the addition of a false ceiling.

What is False Ceiling?

As the name suggests, it is a ceiling that is not real and is attached to the actual one to give an enhanced look to the whole area. It provides a vibrant and modern look. Different designs can suit your requirement, depending on the area you want to renovate in your office at home. LEDs make the whole setup glow up, and this lighting can improve aesthetics. There’s a drop ceiling for everyone, and everywhere, you just have to ask the right person.

Different designs of False Ceilings

False ceiling or drop ceiling or suspended ceiling, whatever you call it, can be found in multiple forms. Depending on various factors

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How To Adorn A Dungeons And Dragons Fashion Fantasy Bed room

The continual planting of crops in your backyard makes your soil depleted and after a couple of planting season, you may discover an important decline in your harvest. The stunning carved headboard with Ganesha reclining brings in the mood of rest amidst this conundrum of anxiety and unrest. Outdated world spirituality seen in carved headboards and panels, lotus and tree of life carvings, mandala carved primitive door in natural woods custom made into a headboard, brings in tranquility and peace. Making a cohesive area the place the furnishings and decor interacts with you and your thoughts, invoking peacefulness, your property is the place your coronary heart is.

Now that you just’re gloved up grab a brush and lay on a thick layer of oil to the complete piece of furniture. You should definitely apply heavier layers on areas uncovered to direct sunlight. Stay away from any attachment hardware, you do not need to streak the bolts with an oil stain. Till and put together the soil, cover and secure the plastic, and then plant the seeds after the final frost of spring. The true meat of any sci-fi bed room is the furniture – the weird and wonderful chairs and …

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8 Interior Design Trends You Should Follow this Winter

Winter is still months away but that doesn’t mean you can’t get inspired by the interior design trends that’s about to come. This year is unique in the sense that we’ve all had to stay indoors most days due to the pandemic. If you’ve been itching to change up your space and do something exciting, here are some winter interior design trends you should consider implementing.

1. Olive green

A color that’s been making waves in the interior design world this season is olive green, although it can also be interchanged with pistachio green or dusty green as well. What makes this ideal for the winter is that it’s neither warm or cold. It’s neutral and  can be incorporated into your home decor whether it’s on a corner wall, your headboard, or the living room cabinet. 

2. Classic blues

Another color you can expect to see more this winter season is the classic blue. Think deep shades like midnight blue, royal blue, and indigo. These work well with natural wood accents and can even complement your holiday decorations. 

3. Wood elements

Speaking of wood, accents and finishes made of this material are also going to be big in the

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How to Fill Grooves Before Painting Paneling

Before you paint paneling, first prep the surface.

The height of wood paneling’s popularity was between the 1950s and 1970s; the trend has returned, but some folks want flat, timeless walls. If that’s you, here’s how to fill the grooves before painting paneling.

About Wood Paneling

If you’ve owned a home for a significant length of time, you know that design trends come and go. Floral wallpaper, glass block and shag carpeting are just a few options that once were wildly popular but have since fallen out of favor.

Wood paneling is in that same group. Homebuilders loved it because it was affordable, compared to alternatives, and easy to install. Homeowners loved it because it transformed plain drywall and complemented other trends of that era.

But these days, paneling is a polarizing topic. Some homeowners — especially those who weren’t around during its heyday — love it, and others, who lived through that trend and its overuse, would prefer to never see it again.

For that second group, there’s only one option if they’re renovating a home or purchasing an old one: painting the paneling.

Prepping Wood Paneling

A lot of people ask us, “Can you paint wood paneling?” And

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