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Looking for some design inspiration for your modular kitchen? While there will always be takers for all-white and wood finished kitchens, you can check out some laminate combinations that will make your kitchen décor pop! Ready to add an element of fun to your kitchen look book? Here are some clever colour combinations to get you started.

A Zesty Dose of Sunshine

Citrus yellow is refreshing and stimulating and evokes images of the sun-drenched tropics. Splash some sunshine on your cabinets for eye-popping flair, and then tone down the warmth with soft, cool white. A combination that always works!

Peppy and Bold

A neutral shade that adapts to any colour combination, grey is definitely the new black this year! Smokey grey and post office red are a stunning combination, made even more so against the oak wood backdrop in this modern galley kitchen.

Wood on White

You just can’t go wrong with this combination that contrasts the warmth of natural wood against the cool elegance of white. While this kitchen uses the softness of cedarwood on the lower cabinetry, just about any shade of wooden veneer will look as good. Experiment with dark and light wooden veneers until you find

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How to Choose the Best Rice Cooker for Kitchen » Residence Style

Rice is the main ingredient to so many of the most loved dishes on planet by billions of people. Asian people’s love for rice is no secret. Being from subcontinent, I have witnessed that Japan, United State, Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis are crazy about rice. It’s not meal without rice in it. But cooking rice is a time taking process with a lot of guesswork and babysitting. Rice cookers help you cook effortlessly, and provide you the best results even if you forget to switch it off. And to get restaurant quality, deliciously cooked, fluffy rice every time you need the best rice cooker. most of the advanced rice cookers can do more than just cooking rice but with hundreds of brands and thousands of models out there, it’s hard and confusing for common folks to get the product they actually need and want for their kitchen, and that’s what we are here for.

We will discuss and compare two best products of the best brands available in the market that you most probably have heard about. The brands are considered market leaders when it comes to rice cooker manufacturing and innovation. Let us discuss the two Best models

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10 Kitchen Storage Mistakes To Avoid In Your Kitchen

Wondering how you can organize your kitchen better? Do you feel like the jars, utensils, and the appliances are not handy enough and look untidy? There is a good chance that you need to rectify some common storage issues in your kitchen. Once you have that figured out, your kitchen will look better than it ever did, we assure you.

Here are top storage mistakes that you can avoid to make your kitchen more efficient.

Ways to Make Storage Space in the Kitchen

Few Kitchen Cabinets

Irrespective of your kitchen layout, never skimp on kitchen cabinets. Even if you have a smaller kitchen space, the right type of cabinets will give you ample storage space. The best thing about cabinets is that they also add to the aesthetics of the space. For instance, if you have a smaller kitchen, choosing cabinets with a more extended upper unit makes your space look larger.

Try to use wall spaces effectively. Cabinets can be laid into the wall to allow more working space. If you are considering crockery cabinets, an inbuilt one or a wall-mounted one is a great idea. It also acts as a significant decor element.

Poorly Designed Blind Corner Cabinets

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Interiors Of Colonial Period Houses (17th To 18th Century America)

Furniture is a vital component in each house. This price range-pleasant possibility is an effective way to replace issues around the house. Outdated kitchen and loo cabinetry is relatively simple to refinish. Bring them again to life with a swift sanding, paint and new hardware. Your old laminate counter tops can go from ugly to updated utilizing a restoration package that includes multiple paint colours and a protecting coating to provide it the appearance of latest granite. If you have the time and vitality to restore your wicker furnishings there isn’t any need to throw it out and spend hundreds of dollars changing it. Wicker furnishings can simply be restored with slightly elbow grease and a few coats of paint. Here you’ll learn to restore wicker furnishings for under $10. These instructions can even train you the way to repaint wicker furnishings in the even you do not need repairs but a change in décor.

Great lens, good information. There are just a few herbs right here that will doubtless make their manner into our herb garden soon. I really like the look. Listed below are some ideas of what could be accomplished together with your sofas, chairs, or footstools …

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Why You Should Use Nail Polish on Your Tools

After this, you’ll never struggle to read small markings again!

There aren’t many reasons to use nail polish in your workshop, but here’s one of them.

Many tools come with markings that are virtually impossible to read. Wire strippers have little gauge numbers, squares have numbers and graduations that are hard to read, and sockets are some of the worst offenders.

It’s even more of a problem when you’re in a dimly lit room. So, then you have two things working against you: your sight and the light! (Or lack thereof.)

Well, the days of straining to see vital information on your tools is over.

We’re going to highlight these numbers and graduations with white nail polish. Making the change couldn’t be easier, and it will make the numbers stand out more.

Just shake up the nail polish and make sure it’s mixed well. Then you need to brush it on. Don’t worry if it’s a little sloppy, because most of this is going to come off in a second or two.

Coat the entire area on and near the numbers. Then, let the tool completely dry.

Finally, take a damp rag and lightly drag it over the tool. It

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