Add Patriotism and Panache To Your Home Interiors

The colours of the Indian tricolour are timeless. They are just the right picks when it comes to choosing a colour for your home. Infusing the bright hues in your home decor add an element of brightness and elegance to your space. As we celebrate our 74th Independence Day, here are a few home decor tips to help you add the colours of patriotism, and a little panache, to your home.

Raising the Flag – Orange in Your Kids’ Room

A colour as bright and happy as orange is the perfect pick for your kid’s room. You can pick a preferred tone of orange to paint the main wall of the room. If you want to add a minimalist tone of the colour in the room, you can accessorise the room using orange linens, chairs and gloss laminates for racks and wardrobes. Don’t forget to add some orange knick-knacks to complete the look!

Why Orange for the Kid’s Room?

Orange is a vibrant and extroverted colour which is energetic, yet calm. It is the colour of the evening sun and fresh tangy fruits like tangerines. Orange in your toddler’s bedroom will add excitement and a sense of adventure, making

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Wild Turkeys In My Backyard

The continual planting of crops in your backyard makes your soil depleted and after a few planting season, you will notice an excellent decline in your harvest. Whether or not it is fall or not. You can all the time use heat shade tones to your private home decor. Browns, yellow, orange and rust purple, adds a rich palate of colours. Pat down soil firmly after planting, and water nicely. Our homes mirror who we’re. There is a reason cozy comfort is my style. I’m a homebody, I want my house to be my favorite place on the planet. After I relaxation at night the most effective place to be is in my snug cushioned rocking chair wrapped up in a stunning, heat throw. As I drink espresso or sizzling cocoa I take pleasure in studying a superb guide, inviting a pal over to speak or spending time with my children and grandchildren.

I hung the steel frog from a hanging basket of flowers. I purchased two of the willow wreaths – a small one and a larger one. I decided to use the bigger one to encircle a grouping of candles, but I did not like the natural shade, …

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Brick Landscaping Ideas

If you want to refresh your garden with some new garden beds, or any other decor feature, then think of making something with bricks. Here are some amazing ideas you might want to take inspiration from.

Make Garden Bed Edges By Stacking Bricks Slantwise To Create a Beautiful Pattern

brick landscaping ideas

@ Sarah-Kate Wise

Create a Spiral Brick Herb Garden In Place Of a Straight Garden Bed

brick landscaping ideas

@ mooseyscountrygarden

Build a Twisted Garden Arch With Bricks For Something That Grabs Attention

brick landscaping ideas

@ flickr, woohome

Build a Barbecue Grilling Station With Bricks For Enjoying Outdoor Parties

brick landscaping ideas

@ thisoldhouse

Use Leftover Bricks To Create Stepping Stones for a Garden

brick landscaping ideas

@ diynetwork

Create A Mosaic Brick Garden Path For Creative Vibes

brick landscaping ideas

@ onekindesign , Jaymee Laws

Cover The Patio Floor In Bricks

brick landscaping ideas

@ myamazingthings

Make a Birdbath Pillar With Bricks

brick landscaping ideas

@ gardengatemagazine , pinterest

Paint Bricks Like Book Covers

brick landscaping ideas

@ hobbiesonabudget

Make Succulent Planters with Bricks

brick landscaping ideas

@ gardenandgun

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