Checklist to Plan Plumbing Point in Your Kitchen

Kitchens form an integral part of every household. They are one of the defining features of a home. From simple traditional kitchens to the most contemporary modular ones, designing an efficient and aesthetic kitchen can be a daunting yet satisfying endeavour. A beautiful and well-thought-out kitchen can be refreshing for the entire living experience of a home. 

Whether one lives in a spacious bungalow or an apartment, kitchen plumbing is meant to be laid in before the rest of the kitchen is set up, or you’d have to rip out a bunch of pipes every time you wanted to change your design idea. This means that plumbing points must be finalized before the kitchen is set in order. Kitchen equipment like sinks, faucets, dishwashers, and water purifiers are all placed according to the plumbing points in the kitchen. Accuracy in kitchen plumbing can ensure a fuss-free experience for people using it. 

Plumbing Points Essentials

The first step to figuring plumbing points in modular kitchens is to understand the kitchen work triangle. The kitchen work triangle is specified using the three vital parts of any kitchen. First comes the stove, followed by the sink, and finished off with the refrigerator (and

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Janmashtami Home Decor Ideas – The Design Journal

Krishna Janmashtami or Janmashtami celebrates Krishna’s birth as the eighth avatar of Vishnu, as per the Hindu mythology. The day is no less than a celebration for devotees who celebrate the auspicious day with full vigour. From buying beautiful clothes for Lord Krishna to decorating the temples with flowers and lights, from the handi competition to dance-drama events like Krishna Lila, the day is celebrated with much fervour all over.

With the social distancing and lockdown norms in place this year, you might be wondering about how to celebrate the holy day the new way. Well, we have you covered. Here are a few home decor tips to help you decorate your pooja room or set up a beautiful corner to bring home Lord Krishna.

Welcoming the Lord Home

As you look forward to celebrating Janmashtami at home this year, bring home a charming idol of Lord Krishna. The idols are available in a variety of materials, from natural stones like marble to metals like brass. As you choose an idol of Lor Kirshna for your pooja room, Don’t forget to buy some dresses and accessories for the big day.

Jhula Decoration

Janmashtami is a beautiful festivity which allows one

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one hundred Finest Dwelling Decor Retailer Names

The wants and needs of consumers have changed a complete lot over time. You’re definitely a religious follower of the boho decor if your bed is made like a cover and you love to stay snuggled in. In your own home, beaded curtains act as room separators or simply attend to your bohemian whims. I live in a house that’s only 1050 square toes with my husband, two kids, and dog. My kids are solely 5 years outdated and 7 month’s previous. Lots of my family and friends members maintain telling my husband and I that we have to buy an even bigger home. Our mortgage is paid off and to be trustworthy with you, our little household may be very snug in our small house. We love the small house lifestyle and I want to share why.

Lastly, it’s time to add the finishing touches with some nerdy accessories to personalize the room to your tastes. You in all probability already have numerous Dungeons and Dragons memorabilia and books lying about, so this part should be fairly straightforward for you. However, I’ve found a fairly cool wastebasket which I thought I would show you (since I definitely didn’t suppose …

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5 Factors That Decide The Cost Of A Fitted Wardrobe Design

As most of us would agree, we can never have enough of storage space in our bedrooms! The best way to maximize the much-needed storage in your bedroom is to plan for fitted wardrobes that extend from wall to wall, and floor to ceiling. Fitted wardrobes also offer the best value for money, as every bit of space is well utilized. Here are a few factors that decide the cost of a fitted wardrobe;

1. Wardrobe Material

The number one factor is the material you choose for the inside and the outside of your wardrobe. The carcass is usually made of plywood with laminate on one side, with a choice of finish for the outside. Popular finishes include high gloss or matte laminate, membrane, PU and acrylic. The prices range from laminates at the lower end to acrylic at the higher end, in that order.

If you opt for MDF or particleboard as the base material, instead of plywood, your price will come down considerably. While MDF or HDF are also viable options that can reduce the cost, we do not suggest using particleboard as it is not very durable over a long period of time.

2. Design of the

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Create a Comfortable, Luxurious Patio with Linear Pavers

Pavestone’s Avant Linear Pavers follow the plank trend seen on modern patios and pathways.

Want to transform your backyard, elevate its appearance and add value to your home? You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg — start simple and install some pavers.

You can overlay a concrete patio with paver blocks or start from scratch. Either way, the result will add character and texture to your outdoor living space.

Pavestone Avant Linear pavers, as seen from an overhead view of a patio with two lounge chairs
You can transform a blank backyard space or a builder-grade patio with Avant Linear pavers.

About Pavers

Many homeowners have a “builder-grade” concrete patio — the basic, bare minimum to sell the average house. That’s a good starting point, but it’s usually not attractive.

Concrete pavers are thin, high-strength manufactured stones used in paving projects such as driveways, patios and walkways, hence the name. They instantly transform blank, builder-grade backyards into beautiful, comfortable destinations.

Pavers — made from cement and aggregate poured into forms, compressed and air-cured —are durable and last many years. They’re less expensive than bricks due to the lower cost of raw materials, and they’re easy to cut and install.

Concrete pavers come in a variety of styles, colors and textures to match any home

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