How To Keep Wooden Furniture Safe During Monsoons

Wondering how to keep your wooden furniture protected? If you don’t maintain the finish of your wooden furniture, it is bound to wear off with time. Dirt, grime, and mould may accumulate and become tough to clean over the years.

It would break your heart to see any of your treasured wooden pieces get destroyed like that, wouldn’t it? But, how do you keep wooden furniture safe and looking like new? Should you clean with soap, dust it, or apply any wax? Here are all the tips you should keep in mind to make it look new again.

Wooden Furniture Cleaning Tips

  • Dust ornate carvings and hard-to-reach corners using woollen dusters.

  • Dust your wooden furniture every few days using a damp microfiber cloth or a soft cloth like an old T-shirt. Then remove excess moisture with a dry towel. Otherwise, dust and dirt will accumulate forming a thin layer that is tough to clean off. You could use a feather duster and lint-free cloths to clean wooden furniture.

  • Avoid using any all-purpose cleaning spray that you normally use on your kitchen counter. Also, avoid pouring water to clean the surface of the wood.
  • To treat a greasy spot, dip
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Interior 101: Coastal Home Interior Designs

Picture the oceanfront with golden sand and blue skies against the gentle ebb and swell of waves, and you can’t help but feel relaxed. There’s something about the sounds and smell of the coast that banishes all your worries and soothes your nerves! You can recreate this easy, refreshing feeling by doing up your home in a beach-inspired theme. Interested in knowing how? Here are some ways to bring coastal style into your home.    

Coastal Colour Palette

Plan your colour palette around the aqua blue of the sea, the azure of the sky, the white of the clouds and foam and the golden-brown of sandy beaches. You can also incorporate shades of grey as the backdrop that ties the whole look together. This gorgeous city home spells coastal relaxation and is all about casual comfort underlined by cool elegance.

Nautical Stripes

Stripes are big in coastal homes. And if you want your home to look like it’s in the Hamptons you should try this theme as well. You just can’t go wrong with woven blue and white striped linen upholstery, powder blue tables and rattan baskets against a white backdrop. The string of painted starfish motifs on the wall adds

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Beds, Couches, Desks, Tables, And Furniture

Who wouldn’t love to have their residence give the sensation of heat and welcoming climates like Jamaica or the like? Now comes the actual a part of figuring out which sort of glass furniture is best for you? Due to the versatility in house decorating designs as of late, glass furnishings may doubtlessly be an excellent addition to your house or workplace. The main query to consider when determining whether it is best for you, although, is functionality with peace of thoughts. With advancement in manufacturing technology and ever rising competitors, glass furnitures can be found in assorted types and forms. Tables with glass tops are shortly changing into the favourite alternative of many dwelling owners when furnishing homes.

Scorching dipped galvanized fasteners are a fantastic alternative for many outdoor furnishings functions, including Adirondack Chairs, however are usually not the only option to be used in woods, equivalent to teak. At first. you will have to water the new crops until they get correctly rooted. Sometimes the tree cover is so thick that gentle rains don’t profit the plants below the timber. Test at times to see if they need watering. Before you begin the actual process of adorning your …

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