Make Your Aged Care Facility Spick and Span with These 5 Tips » Residence Style

Personal hygiene and immunity often deteriorate with age. That makes the elderly more vulnerable to infections and illnesses, and your aged care home’s cleanliness a challenge. Be it a Government-subsidised or private aged care facility, it is no easy feat to maintain the hygiene and quality of life of the elderly, day in and day out. 

Apart from the management, staffing and organisational development, your care home is responsible for accommodation, food and medical help. It is crucial that you have complete trust in your aged care cleaning services to keep the facility spick and span and in its best shape, creating a safe habitat for the elderly residents, always.

Please read below some tips to lead your Aged Care Facility on a path to success.

 Above: Woman cleaning dust on a window sill

  1. Build an online presence

In this age, almost everyone relies on the internet for the first impression. So quality online content will help attract customers and highlight your USP – cleanliness, even if they haven’t heard of your facility from word of mouth. Age affects immunity and for an Aged Care Facility, routine cleanliness is mandatory.

Share photos of the facility, the cleaning staff in their

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Clever Towel Storage Ideas For Small Bathrooms

A small bathroom doesn’t mean it can’t accommodate your storage needs like a big one. It’s all about thinking smart and making the best use of the space. When you will look for possibilities instead of scarcities, you will explore your creativity and find ways to store more in your small bathroom. Here are some ideas.

Fix A Towel Bar On The Bathroom Vanity Shelf Next To The Sink

Towel Storage Ideas For Small Bathrooms

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Get Interlocking Shelves That Can Store Rolled Towels Vertically Or Alternatively Use Magazine Holders

Towel Storage Ideas For Small Bathrooms

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No Shelves? No Problem! Store In Wall Mounted Or Regular Wicker Baskets

Towel Storage Ideas For Small Bathrooms

@ zevyjoy

Store The Bath Towels In A Hanging Tote Caddy

Towel Storage Ideas For Small Bathrooms

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Store The Towels On A Coat Tree That Won’t Take Up Much Floor Space

Towel Storage Ideas For Small Bathrooms

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Install Shelves Above The Bathroom Door

Towel Storage Ideas For Small Bathrooms

@ goodhousekeeping

Fix A Towel Bar Above The Toilet Seat

Towel Storage Ideas For Small Bathrooms

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Fix Two Towel Bars Behind The Door

Towel Storage Ideas For Small Bathrooms

@ sasinteriors

Make A Vertical Wall Mounted Rack With Wood Nailing Strips And Rope

Towel Storage Ideas For Small Bathrooms

@ remodelaholic

Hack A Wine Bottle Storage Rack

Towel Storage Ideas For Small Bathrooms

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6 Ways to Create a Kitchen with a wow Factor » Residence Style

If, like many others, you consider your kitchen to be the heart of your home, why not create a spectacular one. Regardless of your budget, there are loads of things you can do to make your favorite room even more amazing. Here are 6 ways to create a kitchen with a wow factor.

Add an island

Most people will say that if they could choose anything to add to their kitchen, it would be an island. Not only does it give you additional cabinet space, but can also add a huge amount of useable space to your existing setup. If you are a keen cook, then you will know how important countertop space is, so an island is sure to appeal.

There are a variety of different configurations to choose from, so consider how you use your kitchen and take it from there. Many people like to have their hob inset into their island while some prefer to have a sink installed. For others, it’s just a fabulous way to add additional countertop space. Whatever you decide, an island will add a functional yet sumptuous feel to your kitchen and the finished look is sure to be an impressive one.

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Best Ways To Clear Upholstered Furnishings

Castors are hooked up to residence furnishings so as to make housekeeping and rearranging easier. Probably the greatest items of knowledge I ever received about planting an natural vegetable garden was the thought of planting flowers close to by. Flowers can entice bugs which can be useful to your vegetation. These helpful bugs will kill off and attack insect pests that might doubtlessly harm your vegetables. Add garden soil round every plant whereas pressing soil gently round each plant. Distinctive residence decor may be designed in numerous types and directions. You may give the interior an interesting look and form utilizing a variety of textures and finishes. The interior might be various pieces of art or just play colours and shades. You may give you your individual unique decor – frames, pictures, drawings, flowers, vases, mirrors of various shapes, stickers and just something distinctive, one thing not actually have a name. You can do it your self.

Country dwelling decor usually consists of an abundance of wood with a light-weight colored stain. Cabinets and furniture are adorned with easy handles and knobs. The decor may be centered round one theme, akin to sunflowers, cows, or roosters. Using a mixture of …

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How Easily Clean Your Camper, Inside and Out

Clean your camper, inside and out, before taking it on the road. (©Tomasz Zajda, Adobe Stock Photos)

Taking a road trip in the family camper is a popular pastime. But before you spin those wheels, it’s important to clean the vehicle both inside and out. Here are four easy ways to do that.

1. Clean the Exterior

Campers often take a beating from the elements during the off-season. You can quickly clean the entire vehicle’s exterior with Wet & Forget Outdoor Xtreme Reach Hose End.

It connects to a garden hose and sprays up to 30 feet, so you can easily reach the roof. And one bottle covers up to 2,000 square feet, which is enough to spruce up even the largest campers.

It’s also versatile; you can pour the product into a pump sprayer to precisely clean hard-to-reach areas on the camper, along with any outdoor furniture.

And you can clean with confidence. Wet & Forget’s bleach-free solution is safe and gentle on rubber, fiberglass, metal, vinyl and acrylic surfaces.

2. Clean the Interior

Your camper is your home away from home, so go ahead and clean the indoors as well! Wet & Forget Indoor cleans tough

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