20 Great DIY Ideas For Housewarming Party Gifts

You’ve been invited to your friend’s housewarming party, and want to get them something that’s unique, warm and has a personal touch. There’s nothing better than a gift that’s made by you, with love! Well, put on your DIY cap, we’re bringing you some great DIY ideas for the housewarming party gifts. Here is a list:

1. Upcycling Done Right!

Instead of just throwing away that old bottle, try upcycling it instead. You can never have too many table lamps in a home, especially if they are handcrafted out of an old wine bottle and some pretty flowered fabric!

2.DIY Macramé Hanging Lamp

DIY Bohemian Macrame is an easy and fun way to create gift items using some creatively crafted knots. Just right for a little nook, this intricately knotted hanging lampshade throws light into shady corners.


3.Cookies In A Jar

Get your baker’s apron out because nothing spells warmth quite as much as these heavenly heart-shaped cookies in a lovely glass jar! Cookie Jar

4. Say It With Embroidery

Painstakingly crafted with love, a beautifully cross-stitched table runner and napkins will always be valued as the perfect housewarming party gifts.

House Warming Gift Ideas

5. Add A Dash Of Flavour!

These refreshing herb-infused oils will last a long time in the kitchen. Rosemary, basil, and thyme are some flavour options that work well.Herb Infused Oil

6. Start A Kitchen Garden Collection!

These pocket-sized planters are an easy way to start off a herb garden on the kitchen window. Personalize them with some neatly penned calligraphy labels.Kitchen Garden Plants

7.Mason Jar Garden

Don’t throw away those mason jars just yet! They’re just the right size for a unique indoor garden with succulents.

Mason Jar Garden Ideas

8.Create Your Own Picture Frames

A bit of glue, craft paper, cardboard, wood and a lot of ingenuity can make some personalized photo frames for lovely family portraits.Housewarming party gifts

9.Wall Art

Playing around with some leftover strips of wood from your flooring makeover project can result in this creative wall hanging that would look good in any entryway.Wall Art

10.Macrame Project

Some easy knots, with just a little patience, can help to create a stunning macramé wall hanging for the family room!

Housewarming party gifts

11.Glass Bottle Lights

Glue some simple paper cut-outs into an old glass bottle, spray paint the inside with some solid colours and stick a bulb in. Switch on the light and watch the magic unfold!

Mason jar lights

12.Up-cycled Trays

There are many DIY videos that teach you the art of decoupage; the craft that turns old surfaces into stunning works of art, like this gorgeous wooden tray that been given a new lease of life!

Upcycle Tray design

13.Chest Of Drawers For Trinkets

This handmade chest of drawers sits on your dresser to hold little bits of jewellery, or on the foyer table to house keys and knick-knacks. Use it in the kitchen to hold spices, or for any knick-knacks anywhere else in the house!

Housewarming party gifts


Make your own set of scented candles, and offer them up as the perfect housewarming gift. It will be the only thing your friend needs to create a relaxing ambience and unwind after a tiring day!

Housewarming party gifts

15.Weave Your Own Rug

Wait before you throw out those old pieces of fabric! Bits and pieces of scrap cloth come together to make this lovely woven rug that can take the pride of place in any room.
Housewarming party gifts

16. Pretty Crochet Doilies

Again, a good gifting idea for someone who is good with their hands. Crocheting these lacy doilies takes very little time and effort, and the results are just fabulous!Housewarming party gifts

17.Quilted Counterpane

Recycle old towels and napkins into something that’s a thing of beauty. This patchwork counterpane is a labour of love, one that will surely be treasured forever!Housewarming party gifts

18.Picture Frame Montage

Family time is picture time! Piece together these tiny picture frames in different shapes and sizes for a warm family montage that showcases some favourite vacation memories.

Housewarming party gifts

19. DIY Shelf

It doesn’t take much knowledge of carpentry to put together this rustic DIY wooden shelf on a hanging rope. A multipurpose gift idea, it looks great in any room!Housewarming party gifts

20. Diffuser Oils

Another unique DIY housewarming party gifts idea is essential oils that can be mixed and matched to create unique aromas for the diffuser. Keep your home smelling lovely with just the right blends of citrus, lavender, lemongrass or vanilla!Housewarming party gifts

Do you like these DIY house warming gift ideas from HomeLane? Do let us know what do you think about these.

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