10 Steps To Keep A Clear Pooja Room

For the religious amongst us, the Pooja room is the centre of our houses. Every morning begins with cleansing out the Pooja room and adorning it earlier than lighting the lamp, and the identical ritual is carried out within the night too. Conserving this sacred area clear will not be a simple job; it takes a variety of effort and care to wash out all of the oil, smoke from agarbathis and dried flowers and preserve all of your Pooja gadgets gleaming. Our suggestions will make it easier to preserve your Pooja room clear and glowing, with minimal effort.

1. How you can Clear the Brassware

We have now many brass idols and statuettes within the pooja room. In most South Indian houses, the lamps, bells and Pooja utensils are additionally made out of brass. These lamps are likely to get very sticky and dirty with oil on the finish of the day. Brass additionally tends to oxidise and types a boring patina on the floor. Listed below are some simple methods to wash your brassware:

  • Soak the gadgets in a bucket of scorching water with a spoonful of detergent for ten minutes.
  • Use a steel scrubber and dish wash cleaning soap (use a model that comprises lime) to clean out all of the oil. Lather it effectively and scrub as vigorously as you may, a number of instances.
  • Rinse in heat water.
  • Take a lime-sized ball of tamarind and soak it in water. Use this to clean the brass merchandise once more.
  • Rinse once more in heat water.
  • Whether it is nonetheless sticky or not clear sufficient, use some damp soil to clean the floor once more.
  • Wash in chilly water and pat dry. Your brass gadgets will probably be shining.

2. How you can Clear Silverware Pooja Objects

Many Pooja gadgets are fabricated from silver – lamps, receptacles for sacred ash, bells, and so forth. Like brass, silver additionally will get tarnished and turns into darkish, shedding its floor shine. You can also make it look new in only a few simple steps:

  • Sacred ash, or vibhuti, can be utilized to revive the shine to your silver. Make a paste out of the ash and apply it to the silver floor.
  • Scrub very effectively along with your fingers; don’t use a scrubber as silver is mushy and might get scratched.
  • Use a skinny, mushy muslin fabric to wipe it down and take away the vibhuti paste.
  • In case you don’t have vibhuti, the ash from the burning of agarbathis may work effectively.
  • Tomato ketchup or toothpaste are additionally shocking fixes to wash tarnished silver! Use a clear toothbrush with mushy bristles to rub toothpaste or ketchup on the floor, and wash it totally when accomplished.
  • Very soiled silverware will be deep cleaned by boiling it in a big pot of water. Add a tablespoon of baking powder, together with a small piece of aluminum foil. For some purpose, this mixture appears to work wonders.


3. How you can Clear Copper Pooja Objects

If copper idols are uncovered to water and even air, they’ll get discolored and black spots will kind on the floor. Listed below are some tricks to preserve your copper gadgets wanting their finest:

  • Make a 50:50 paste of desk salt and vinegar. Stir until it’s easy.
  • Use a clear towel and dip within the paste. A barely tough fabric works finest.
  • Rub the fabric with the paste on the copper floor and use round motions until you cowl the whole floor.
  • Maintain utilizing extra paste; be as beneficiant as you may.
  • If the floor has many indentations, use a clear toothbrush and ensure you attain all of the crevices.
  • Rinse in lukewarm water and wipe dry with a clear towel.
  • If the stains are adamant, as a substitute of constructing a paste, it’s best to make an answer with vinegar and salt, and boil your copper gadgets within the resolution for as much as quarter-hour.
  • Depart the answer to chill, after which wipe your copper gadgets dry.

4. How you can Clear the Pooja Counter

The pooja counter is usually a stone floor like marble or granite however might be fabricated from wooden too. Oil spills, agarbathi ash and dried flowers should be cleaned repeatedly. Keep in mind that mud will rapidly accumulate on any oil that isn’t cleaned repeatedly, and also you don’t need your Pooja room wanting soiled. Wipe clear on the finish of every single day with a detergent spray and heat water. Wipe once more with a dry fabric in order that there aren’t any spots on the floor.

5. How you can Clear the Doorways

Pooja room doorways typically have intricate picket jali work and small bells. Clear the bells utilizing the steps described above. The woodwork ought to ideally be solely dusted or vacuumed, as wiping with oil or water typically will make the floor tough to varnish sooner or later. In case your woodwork is protected with a melamine spray, then simply common dry dusting will suffice to maintain the floor clear.

6. How you can Clear the Ground

Vitrified tiles or granite will be cleaned similar to common flooring, and moist mopping each day will preserve them clear. Marble flooring must be handled with care as marble is porous and can get broken if any acidic substances fall on it. Haldi, kumkum and oil spills should be wiped directly with lukewarm soapy water. By no means use lime or baking soda on marble, as it is going to trigger holes and discolour the floor.

7. How you can Clear the Partitions

In a small closed area whenever you gentle a lamp each day, the partitions can get affected by the oil fumes and smoke. In case your pooja room partitions are coated in tiles or stone, they are often wiped down repeatedly with soapy water to maintain them clear. If the partitions are painted, guarantee that the paint used is a plastic emulsion which will also be wiped every now and then. Just remember to repaint the partitions yearly to maintain them wanting new.

8. How you can Clear Pooja Cloths

The idols in your Pooja could also be clad in sacred fabric or silks. If they are often eliminated, wash them as acceptable; cotton cloths should be hand washed with related colors, and silks should be dry cleaned. Change the supplies yearly or as continuously as you want to preserve your pooja room wanting immaculate. Any fabric that has delicate tassels or gold fringes might get broken if washed or dry cleaned; so exchange them once they look worn out as a substitute.

9. How you can Clear Framed Photos

Along with the idols in your pooja room, you’ll have photos of deities on the wall as effectively. Keep in mind that oil fumes could make the surfaces of those framed photos very sticky. Just remember to take them down as soon as in a few weeks and wipe them clear with a glass cleaner spray. Don’t overlook to do that repeatedly, as as soon as the grime builds up on photos they’ll get ruined past restore.

10. How you can Declutter the Pooja Objects

It’s simple to let litter construct up even in a small area like your pooja room. We regularly deliver residence Prasad from temples, packets of kumkum and so forth and depart them within the pooja room. These packets are likely to lie round within the corners of the room for days. Take care to declutter the cupboard space regularly- throw away empty containers of agarbathis, used matchsticks, and so forth.

What did you consider the following tips? Is there the rest you do to maintain your Pooja room gleaming? Inform us within the feedback beneath.

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