10 Brilliant Tips to Brighten Up a Dark Kitchen

Got a kitchen that doesn’t get enough natural light and is too dark for comfort? Take inspiration from these brilliant ideas to make up for the lack of natural light in your kitchen.

You may not have the option of rebuilding your kitchen to let in more light – but you could try some of these super cool ideas to make it look brighter.

Glass or Metallic Backsplash

Pick glass tiles or metallic ones for your kitchen backsplash. These will reflect light and add a glow to your kitchen while looking stylish. Install a clear glass backsplash, or get a coloured backsplash done by painting the section of the wall and covering it with glass. Metal backsplashes come in stainless steel, copper, and brass. Go for a hammered metal one for a more artisanal appeal.

Use Metallic Accent Pieceshow to make kitchen brighter

Reflective surfaces are the best hacks to increase the feeling of brightness in any room. You could get appliances with a metallic finish – it could be a fridge, cooking range, a teapot, toaster, coffee maker or any other device that comes in steel or metallic finishes.

You could even go a step further and install good quality, stainless steel kitchen countertop that is easy to maintain.

Mount a Mirror

How to light up dark kitchen

Try the oldest decorating trick that any designer would swear by – using a mirror to reflect light and create an illusion of more light and space. Pick a modern, sleek one, a vintage metallic framed one, or a distressed wood framed mirror, depending on the rest of your kitchen décor. Or get a statement piece like the one above.

Try and mount it opposite, near a window, or the biggest source of light in the kitchen, so that it can reflect the maximum light.

Avoid Dark Cabinets

Dark cabinets can be a stunning style statement in some kitchens – but stay away from it if your main problem in the kitchen is low light.

Get lighter shaded cabinets – in whites or pastels – or paint them out in lighter shades. You could even go for brighter, bolder hues like a yellow and white cabinet. We guarantee it will do wonders in brightening up your dark kitchen.

“Whitewash” the Kitchen

Another option is to white out the entire kitchen; white walls, ceilings, cabinets, tiles, countertops, and appliances. This will need some extra maintenance to keep shiny and clean all the time – but it’s ideal if you can go the mile to keep it clean. It will help you create a fresh-looking, bright space.

Will it look too whitewashed? Add some pops of colour in the form of accents – colourful cabinet door knobs, lampshades, flowers, rustic wood elements, and so on. You’ll have a lovely, bright kitchen which is in no way plain-white or boring.

Overhead Lighting

Besides proper lighting fixtures on the walls, it is important to have overhead ones to spread the light better in your kitchen. Install a couple of pendant lamps, flush-mount ceiling lamps, or a decorative semi-flush-mount chandelier. You can even try recessed lighting or elegant track lights.

Overhead lighting could also come in the form of under-the-cabinet track lights – choose fluorescent tube lights, or LED lights.

Brighter Lamps

An obvious one, right? This could be your simplest trick to add more light. Buy bulbs and tube lights with more wattage – as much as you are comfortable with.

Add Bright Pops of Colour

Bright hues can add vibrancy to a dark kitchen, simply by lifting the overall vibe of the space. Bring in your choice of visual distraction with a bright-hued vase, ceramics, a backsplash, or a stunning piece of art. It could even be brighter coloured cabinets, a vibrantly patterned backsplash, or even a designer ceramic sink.

Open Shelving

You would need closed cupboards in your kitchen to store things, but try to reduce the amount of closed shelving. Let your kitchen walls breathe with some open shelving on the top. Display your cool china, cookware, ceramics, and recipe books on them. This will ensure that your personality is reflected in the kitchen, as well.

Kitchen Island

How to bright up dark kitchen

If you have dark flooring and can’t change it, go for a light coloured kitchen island to brighten things up. Distract the eye by making the island centre-stage.

Don Your Chef Hat in a Brighter Kitchen! These cool ideas will not only help you brighten up your dark kitchen but will also help you inject some personality to make your kitchen feel like home. Get help from the HomeLane experts who have years of experience in transforming kitchens. Talk to us today to know more.

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