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We know you have been procrastinating the whole process of renovation for the longest time. Although your home-office is in dire need of it, you are worried about the amount of stress and time it involves. However, with the right amount of creative ideas, you can transform your home office in a matter of a few days. There are always some elements you can change, which can give your home-office a total makeover. One of those significant elements is the addition of a false ceiling.

What is False Ceiling?

As the name suggests, it is a ceiling that is not real and is attached to the actual one to give an enhanced look to the whole area. It provides a vibrant and modern look. Different designs can suit your requirement, depending on the area you want to renovate in your office at home. LEDs make the whole setup glow up, and this lighting can improve aesthetics. There’s a drop ceiling for everyone, and everywhere, you just have to ask the right person.

Different designs of False Ceilings

False ceiling or drop ceiling or suspended ceiling, whatever you call it, can be found in multiple forms. Depending on various factors

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Kitchen Laminates – HomeLane Blog

Looking for some design inspiration for your modular kitchen? While there will always be takers for all-white and wood finished kitchens, you can check out some laminate combinations that will make your kitchen décor pop! Ready to add an element of fun to your kitchen look book? Here are some clever colour combinations to get you started.

A Zesty Dose of Sunshine

Citrus yellow is refreshing and stimulating and evokes images of the sun-drenched tropics. Splash some sunshine on your cabinets for eye-popping flair, and then tone down the warmth with soft, cool white. A combination that always works!

Peppy and Bold

A neutral shade that adapts to any colour combination, grey is definitely the new black this year! Smokey grey and post office red are a stunning combination, made even more so against the oak wood backdrop in this modern galley kitchen.

Wood on White

You just can’t go wrong with this combination that contrasts the warmth of natural wood against the cool elegance of white. While this kitchen uses the softness of cedarwood on the lower cabinetry, just about any shade of wooden veneer will look as good. Experiment with dark and light wooden veneers until you find

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10 Kitchen Storage Mistakes To Avoid In Your Kitchen

Wondering how you can organize your kitchen better? Do you feel like the jars, utensils, and the appliances are not handy enough and look untidy? There is a good chance that you need to rectify some common storage issues in your kitchen. Once you have that figured out, your kitchen will look better than it ever did, we assure you.

Here are top storage mistakes that you can avoid to make your kitchen more efficient.

Ways to Make Storage Space in the Kitchen

Few Kitchen Cabinets

Irrespective of your kitchen layout, never skimp on kitchen cabinets. Even if you have a smaller kitchen space, the right type of cabinets will give you ample storage space. The best thing about cabinets is that they also add to the aesthetics of the space. For instance, if you have a smaller kitchen, choosing cabinets with a more extended upper unit makes your space look larger.

Try to use wall spaces effectively. Cabinets can be laid into the wall to allow more working space. If you are considering crockery cabinets, an inbuilt one or a wall-mounted one is a great idea. It also acts as a significant decor element.

Poorly Designed Blind Corner Cabinets

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Interior 101: Chevron Interior Style

Are you looking to instantly amp up your style game with some bold, impactful design? A chevron pattern could be just what you need to inject a dose of personality to your contemporary home interiors. Whether you choose to incorporate this playful stripe on your walls, floors or furnishings, it’s sure to become the focal point of your room!

What is Chevron?

Chevron is a trendy geometric pattern that’s on the top of designers’ lists this year, and with good reason too! Once the mainstay of quilts and bed linen, this fun stripe can be used to advantage in just about any room in your home. Here are some delightful ideas to inspire you to go the chevron way.

Bold and Beautiful

A black and white theme is as stylish as it gets—and this bold accent wall features a chevron stripe that gives this living room a wow factor. Inclusion of glossy surfaces, like the glass centre table and the smooth polish on the floor, effectively reflects the patterns to form delightful illusions of continuity. 

Colourful Retro Style

Chevron designs have been around for a long time, as this retro-themed interior shows us! The lovely pastel shades in the rug

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False Ceiling Designs for Kids Room

Making space in your homes to accommodate a tiny new member of the family is usually the most enjoyable time for new parents. And, re-decorating children’s rooms innovatively is a creative activity that bonds a family. 

A false ceiling hanging below the original ceiling of a room is often referred to as the fifth wall. It is one of the essential elements of a good home interior design. There are many aspects to account for while visualising false ceilings designs for kids’ rooms, especially as they can be mighty influential in setting the right mood. Creative themes, lights and designs add warmth and ambience to the children’s room.

Make a Bold Move. Design a False Ceiling.

There are different kinds of ceilings that make for quirky design. False ceiling colours for kids’ rooms enhance the eclectic charm and complement a theme of your choice as well. Whether your child fancies a fairy tale, loves colours, or is a fan of cars, a suitable false ceiling can be created. While giving an effect of a painting or a 3D image, the kids’ room false ceiling child-proofs the room keeping it wire-free and away from potentially dangerous decor items. The element also

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How to Set up a Small Library/Reading Nook at Home

A small library or reading nook at home is the perfect escape from the hustle-bustle of daily life. It can be your cosy little oasis of calm in an otherwise fast-paced urban lifestyle. A little corner where you can cuddle up and enjoy your flights of fantasy in solitude, shutting out the rest of the world.

You probably dreamt of a high ceiling room covered with books, ladders to reach those shelves, dim lighting, and some dark wooden furniture in your home library. These daydreams may seem impractical now, when you are faced with real-life as an adult in all its cold reality. But who says you cannot create the perfect little library in the tiniest of spaces? With clever space management, smart investment, and ample creativity, you can create your small library with a reading nook.

Here is some inspiration and a few tips to get you started on your project to build the perfect reading nook for your home:

A Cosy Couch

The most decisive factor that sets apart the perfect reading nook is how cosy it is. You should be able to sink right in and feel space evaporate the worries of your materialistic

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