Get Floored By These Inspiring Flooring Ideas And Facts

When it comes to doing up our home interiors, most of us focus on getting our walls painted beautifully, picking out the best furniture pieces and getting interesting art pieces. Unfortunately, most of us don’t give much thought to the floors. The floors literally are the base of your home and you need to ensure they are beautiful and sturdy. Unless your floor looks and feels good, you won’t have a properly executed interior design. Listed below are some interesting ideas and facts related to the floors in our homes:

Inspiring Flooring Ideas For Your Home Interiors

1. Wooden Flooring

Wood has been the preferred choice of flooring for many over the years. Wood is sturdy and looks amazing in nearly any home. You can pair wooden floors with a wide range of furniture items, walls, artwork, etc. However, using wood for all your rooms can get expensive, especially if you opt for higher-grade wood. Another drawback is that wood can get affected by excessive water exposure. Which means that it should not be used for the kitchen or the bathrooms.

2. Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood flooring looks and feels much like wooden flooring, but they are better

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Bathroom Design Trends in 2021

Change can be as good as a holiday. And what better time to indulge in this thought than the year 2020, where change is pretty much the only holiday that is safe and possible. The pandemic has indeed taught us the importance and luxury of having a home for ourselves. Each space in a house feels all the more personal and special now. A little change can spruce up any space, and bring freshness to the area. A bathroom is one of those places that can be truly relaxing and calming if designed and decorated the right way. So if you have been thinking about transforming your bathroom into something new, then you have come to the right place! We have compiled some truly inspiring design ideas for your bathroom that you didn’t know you needed. With so many bathroom decor trends to choose from, there is surely one for everyone’s liking. Here are some of the promising bathroom design trends for 2021:

The Dark and Mysterious Matte Black

There is no denying that a rich touch of black elevates every design, and more so of a bathroom. The dark hue adds a tonne of luxury and class to

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An Informative Guide to Kashmiri Home Interiors

Kashmir, known as heaven on earth, is more than its natural beauty. Home to some of the most eclectic and spellbinding handicrafts, Kashmir has a lot to offer to someone who is looking at incorporating Kashmiri home designs into their space.

Let us start with the most critical question.

What Is Kashmiri Home Décor?

Kashmiri home décor is creative handicrafts created by the local artisan. Made and designed by hand, these handicrafts are a result of the Kashmiri heritage and can often be traced back to Budgam, Srinagar, and Ganderbal.

You can expect your Kashmiri items to be intricate and highly detailed. Since Kashmir has been a melting pot of cultures, the mix of heritage is still reflected in its art form and crafts that have been perfected over the years.

Some of the most popular Kashmiri home designs can entail the famous carpets, copper & silverware and kashida – the local embroidery style that adorns the homes of many across the world.

Different Kinds of Kashmiri Décor

Papier-mâché Artwork

Perhaps the most famous artform Kashmir has given to the world and the Papier-mâché artwork can be traced back to the Mughal period, where rulers like Akbar were the patrons

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Reasons To Go Classy With White Interior Design

Choosing the colour scheme for your home requires you to consider various factors like how much natural light there is and the size of your home, among others. Many people opt for a white interior design theme because it is a safe bet. White works well in almost any setting. You don’t have to worry because white looks good in a large house or a small house, in homes that get a lot of sunlight or very little light. It’s easy to make your home look beautiful with white interiors.

The white interior design look Elegant

To start off with, white is one of the most elegant colours you could choose for your home. If you want to make your home look chic, getting white interiors is the easiest way to do so. Since it is such a popular choice for interiors, it is easily available. You can find paints, upholstery, furniture and even lights in white.

Better maintenance

This may sound odd, but using white for your interiors helps keep it clean and hygienic. That’s because when you have a white surface or furniture, you can easily spot a stain and clean it immediately. Also, you tend to

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How To Maintain Your Home and Make It Look Beautiful 

Enough of going through an endless list of known ideas. Keeping your house in the best possible condition requires very minimal maintenance and decoration. With the right products in the right place, your house will look beautiful in no time. These little elements together will create a perfectly blended theme which sends out positive vibes in your rooms.

The products at HomeLane are designed and curated with different personalities in mind so that the right products reach the shelf of your room, to enhance its beauty. Don’t worry about the placement of the home décor items. This article will walk you through the simple steps to achieve a clean and gorgeous look which you’ve always wanted in your house. Additionally, you’ll find some quick and hassle-free tips for cleaning your house efficiently.

How to Take Care of Different Rooms?

Every room requires special attention and a different kind of atmosphere. Using bright colours in the bedroom will affect away your sleep and placing colourful paintings all over your living room will create a messy appearance. So, how to strike a balance? Here are some tips.

Living Room:

Atmosphere: Welcoming

This room is the centre of attention of the house

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Sofa Colour That You Love for Many Years

A good-quality sofa is a reasonably sized investment, and so we usually give it our best to treasure it and maintain it for several years.

What if you get bored with the sofa colour? You will be stuck with the piece for quite some more time before you can replace it without guilt.

Just so that it doesn’t happen, we’ve put together these tips to help you choose a sofa colour you will love for years to come.

Your ideal sofa has to:

  • Look great
  • Be comfortable
  • Be easy to clean, and
  • Ideally, hide stains as well.

If you’re starting your room design anew, and haven’t planned any furniture or element in the room, you’re in luck. Pick the sofa colour first, and then work out the rest of the scheme.

Otherwise, here are 8 questions to ponder over before you choose the sofa colour:

1. Is Sofa is the main element in the room? 

If yes, choose a colour in contrast with the rest of the elements in the room. That’s including the wall colour and flooring.

Or should your sofa blend with the rest of the room? Then pick shades similar to the rest of your palette.

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