5 Trendy Interior Design Ideas To Upgrade Your Tiny Bathroom

According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, the current bathroom trends have shifted from the traditional design to a comfortable spa-like interior. This goes to show how homeowners are leaning towards a stylish bath space that can offer both comfort and functional bath features. But what happens if you’re confined to a tiny home with minimal floor space? Here are five trendy interior design ideas to help you upgrade your tiny bathroom. 

Use a big mirror 

If you have a tiny bathroom, installing a big mirror can be helpful in more ways than one. For a small and somewhat cramped space, opt for a wall-to-wall mirror. This will give the illusion of a larger room. Not to mention, a full-length mirror will enhance the overall aesthetic of the bathroom.

Choose a bright color 

One of the best tips in the industry is to paint your bathroom with a light shade. In fact, enhancing the wall color will make your bathroom appear to have more space. Using bright tones will give the illusion that your bathroom is less cramped. If bright yellows don’t fit your style, a shade of off-white cream or stark ivory can do the

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Television Aerial Installation » Residence Style

One can never get bore by watching television all day long as it has a wide range of channels along with different entertainment programs. People enjoy their favorite shows and movies on television. An average time 3 to 4 hours people spend on watching tv. This is why people want to have the best quality signal to watch their shows. Television provides all sort of entertainment and people do not need to search for particular things.

Though, it is the age of the web, instead of that many people are used to watching television on daily basis. Their routine is set to watch the news and other shows on time. This is the reason that people want to spend money to get the best aerial services. So, that they could enjoy their leisure time. They need to just get the best aerial installation services and contact with such companies that provide the best engineers for the installation because this is the technical work and the installer must know the work.

Aerial installation companies are available at any place nearby the houses to provide people aerial installation services. They offer guaranteed services so that people easily attract to their offers. Check

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8 Interior Design Trends You Should Follow this Winter

Winter is still months away but that doesn’t mean you can’t get inspired by the interior design trends that’s about to come. This year is unique in the sense that we’ve all had to stay indoors most days due to the pandemic. If you’ve been itching to change up your space and do something exciting, here are some winter interior design trends you should consider implementing.

1. Olive green

A color that’s been making waves in the interior design world this season is olive green, although it can also be interchanged with pistachio green or dusty green as well. What makes this ideal for the winter is that it’s neither warm or cold. It’s neutral and  can be incorporated into your home decor whether it’s on a corner wall, your headboard, or the living room cabinet. 

2. Classic blues

Another color you can expect to see more this winter season is the classic blue. Think deep shades like midnight blue, royal blue, and indigo. These work well with natural wood accents and can even complement your holiday decorations. 

3. Wood elements

Speaking of wood, accents and finishes made of this material are also going to be big in the

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How to Fill Grooves Before Painting Paneling

Before you paint paneling, first prep the surface.

The height of wood paneling’s popularity was between the 1950s and 1970s; the trend has returned, but some folks want flat, timeless walls. If that’s you, here’s how to fill the grooves before painting paneling.

About Wood Paneling

If you’ve owned a home for a significant length of time, you know that design trends come and go. Floral wallpaper, glass block and shag carpeting are just a few options that once were wildly popular but have since fallen out of favor.

Wood paneling is in that same group. Homebuilders loved it because it was affordable, compared to alternatives, and easy to install. Homeowners loved it because it transformed plain drywall and complemented other trends of that era.

But these days, paneling is a polarizing topic. Some homeowners — especially those who weren’t around during its heyday — love it, and others, who lived through that trend and its overuse, would prefer to never see it again.

For that second group, there’s only one option if they’re renovating a home or purchasing an old one: painting the paneling.

Prepping Wood Paneling

A lot of people ask us, “Can you paint wood paneling?” And

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What You Should Know About 1031 DST Exchange » Residence Style

One of the goals of investors and regular individuals who take financial management seriously is maximizing profitability. There are different strategies and techniques to maximize profitability. One can be through asset management. Under asset management, there are also various tools to assess and discover which investment and asset acquisition decisions can earn the most profit for oneself or a company. More so, in asset management, cost-minimization on acquiring and selling assets can also contribute to achieving the goal of profit-maximization. Cost-minimization manifests in the analysis of unnecessary expenses or necessary expenses which can be reduced, minimized, or deferred.

Also, being skillful in investment decision-making has been proven to be essential in achieving financial prosperity. The most successful people are known to allocate a portion of their earnings to profitable investments. For some, their earnings are heavily composed of investments alone.

For investors, there has been a solution that offers both cost-minimization benefits and income-generating investments. A great number of investors have been turning to the utilization of Section 1031 DST exchanges for this, and here’s how it solves their problems.

Defining the Problem

Taxes are one of the expenses that can greatly affect and reduce what could have been your

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5 Concrete DIY Projects to Tackle Today (So Simple!)

Creating something with your own two hands is always special, whether it’s structural, functional or enhances your home decor. These concrete DIY projects are fast, easy and affordable to tackle.

A leaning fence has structural issues, but they’re easily solved with a bag of Quikrete Fast-Setting Concrete.

1. Leaning Fence Solution

A fence that leans or sags is problematic for two reasons. First, it undermines the fence’s function; second, it’s just unsightly.

Leaning fences usually look much worse than they are — the cause is often incorrect anchoring or lacking enough structural support.

Either way, learning how to fix a leaning fence post is easy. You just need some Fast-Setting Concrete, construction screws and basic tools to straighten it out.

And that leads us to the first of our concrete DIY projects that you can tackle today.

Read: How to Fix a Leaning Fence

DIY basketball goal project, newly installed, using Quikrete Fast-Setting Concrete Mix
You can pour a concrete footing for your basketball goal and start shooting hoops the next day.

2. Basketball Hoop Post

Most communities have public basketball courts, but wouldn’t it be great to have a private place to shoot hoops?

Installing an in-ground basketball goal is easy, fast and affordable. For this concrete DIY project, you

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